How To Dispose Garden Wastes In London?

garden waste disposal in london

When you have a garden within the confines of your home or at your place of work, you are responsible for disposing waste that emanate from it. From the onset two things you must always remember. Firstly, organic waste is biodegradable. This is to say all organic waste that comes out of your garden will go through a natural process of decomposition.   Secondly, you can turn your garden waste in to valuable food for your garden!

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In many parts of the UK, the local council along with other service providers offer disposal services for garden waste. Just a click away and you can access numerous listings of service providers online. However, before looking for a service provider as the only option for disposing your garden waste, let us explore the benefits why you should consider handling garden waste on your own.

  • Valuable garden food. Garden waste is unprocessed valuable food for your garden. By making compost you confine this production to a space without cluttering the rest of your garden. Many gardening and landscaping companies purchase garden waste to make good compost. When spring breaks, they are sure you will be knocking on their door wanting to purchase your very own product. Do not lose a chance in becoming self sufficient by producing food for your garden.
  • Elements of garden waste. A garden will produce waste daily ranging from grass cuttings, pruning, leaves, hedge trimmings, dead plants etc. From your kitchen you can collect fruit, vegetable scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, and egg shells. All these are readily available in your own space!
  • Unlimited sources of free garden food. Your neighbours or local supermarket may be willing to part with some vegetable scraps for your compost should you feel you require more. When approaching a local supermarket, be specific on quantities and type of veggie scraps you want else you may get stuck with extremely large quantities. As for your lovely neighbour explain what you are trying to do and share a collection schedule that works for you.

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How do I make my own compost? Making compost is very straight forward. In order to follow nature rules, consider the following while installing your compost site.

  • Identify an external space in your garden – best under a shade. Purchase a plastic container (with cover), small tap, adhesive tape from your hardware shop and an old sturdy table to place your container on.
  • Visit your local landscaping shop or pet shop. Enquire and purchase a glass full of Earth Worms! These are your boots on the ground – they are responsible for making an excellent product from your garden waste.
  • Get the hardware store to install the tap at the bottom of the plastic container at least 2 inches from the bottom and on the side.
  • Set sturdy old table and place container on top of it at the identified spot in your garden.
  • Gather only green garden waste – grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, veggie scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds and egg shells.
  • Before layering compost material – place an inch thick of soil at the bottom of your container. Sprinkle some water over the soil to make it wet. Take care that you don’t flood the container – you goal is to make the soil moist.
  • Spread out the earth worms and then cover them gently with by alternating the different types of garden waste. Preferably start with the green leaves and grass. Keep adding garden waste once a week.

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  • Sprinkle 1 litre of water every three days.
  • Make a few holes – preferable the diameter of a pencil – on the cover of your plastic container and cover your compost.
  • Open the tap every two days and collect the coloured water. Keep storing this water for one month and use to make use of it – dilute two parts water to the coloured water and spray it on plants.  This coloured water is a natural pesticide.
  • You should be able to harvest compost in six weeks. At the point of harvesting the readymade compost you can transfer the earth warms to a fresh batch of unprocessed compost.

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